Nutrition Services in Louisville, KY.

Nutrition is not just an “eat this, not that” approach to meal times. It’s a topic that includes proper hydration, micronutrients and supplementation, macronutrients and the roles they play in different body processes, gut health, and fueling for recovery.

Nutrition Services in Louisville

Nutrition Coaching

There’s nothing quite as personal and as potentially impactful as our relationship with food. Wel at Humana‘s nutrition services in Louisville employs a Performance Dietitian who can help you sort through the hype of classical nutrition recommendations and get back to basics. Food is fuel. Changing the way we see and relate to food can fuel our bodies, improve our physical and mental performance, and help improve overall health and well-being.

Whatever your goal, whatever your season in life, nutrition coaching is a way to see direct—and sometimes immediate—benefits:

  • Increase energy for daily activities
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Boost immune systems and speed recovery
  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle and endurance
  • Improve existing health conditions

It all begins with a face-to-face meeting. That’s when our Performance Dietitian will begin an assessment of your needs and goals, and help you formulate an eating plan that’s suited for your lifestyle. The plan will incorporate recommendations about supplements (if needed), tips for success, and practical tools to make this a permanent change for the better.

Wel at Humana - Performance Dietitian Services

Service Rate
*Initial/Single Visit $35
Follow-up (20 minutes) $15
3 session package
(1-45 minute session + 2-20 minute sessions)

Contact Wel at Humana 502.580.9354 to get started.

*If Associate Member completes EXOS Journey and Group 101 session first visit is FREE. EXOS Journey is prerequisite for all members who want to see the RD. RD consultations are for fitness center members only.

Fuel Wel

Fuel Wel provides our members healthy and simple pre- and post-workout fuel and hydration options in a grab-and-go station. Beat the clock and fuel well anytime you work out.