At Wel at Humana™, we believe performing at your best begins by understanding your underlying motivation. We are excited to offer EXOS Journey. EXOS Journey uses technology-powered insight that helps each person find his or her personal motivator and then create a simple plan to assist him or her in achieving those goals.

Using the EXOS Journey website and mobile app, you have access to the support resources you need—anywhere and at any time—including a variety of wellness offerings and simple tips to improve your health, fitness, and nutrition. We integrate these offerings with in-person experiences and other EXOS programs, which can also complement other solutions you may have in place.

EXOS Journey

EXOS Journey from Wel at Humana is a comprehensive, total mind and body solution that empowers users with the ability to improve their own health and performance, even when they are not in the fitness center.


of users agree that EXOS Journey has changed their perspective on health, diet, and exercise. We are excited to connect with you to share more about how we can support you in achieving your goals.


EXOS Journey from Wel at Humana™ is founded on Four Pillars: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. With these pillars as our guide, we take the information you provide and create a customized experience that supports you, including the tools you need to feel and perform at your best.

To get started, you will build a Performance Profile by answering a series of simple, interactive questions. This provides insight into your habits and goals. Based on your responses, a Journey Performance Quotient Score is generated, providing us with an idea of where you currently are in relation to the Four Pillars.


Additional benefits of using the Wel at Humana™ approach to health and wellness include:

  • Workout library: dozens of workouts and plans, with personalized recommendations in the My Movements section
  • Guided Paths: step-by-step lessons on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery
  • Meal builder: your personalized nutrition blueprint
  • Movement App: workout videos led by EXOS performance specialists you can access anytime, anywhere

If your Journey Performance Quotient Score is less than 70, you’re more likely to experience fatigue, reduced productivity, and a decline in general health. As you use the EXOS Journey resources, you’ll feel the results, and your score will reflect the improvement as well.

If you’re a Wel at Humana member, get started on your journey today!