Our teams are delivering your favorite group fitness classes and movement breaks LIVE via Instagram! You can find classes such as Bootcamp, Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, POUND, and more, that last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

To access classes via Instagram, refer to our story and highlights on the @welathumana Instagram page for the schedule of classes and what you will need for class that day.

Click here for the March Instagram LIVE Schedule

Click here for the March Class Descriptions


Wellbeats Virtual Fitness is a premier on-demand fitness provider that delivers fitness classes, challenges, and fitness assessments to users anytime, anywhere. With over 500 virtual fitness classes in 30 channels, there’s something for every age, interest and fitness level. From cycling, to yoga, to quick office breaks, there is a class for anyone.

How to register:

Step 1: Download the Wellbeats App or visit portal.wellbeats.com

Step 2: Select register via code, and enter 31F89874

Step 3: Enjoy more than 500 on-demand classes, available to you at the hour of the day you need


Whether you are a beginner runner or a race veteran, all levels are welcome in Run Club. We’re going virtual through the use of the Strava App.  Post your completed runs (use the hashtags #runwell and #livewellathome), track progress and engage in competition with fellow members all through the App. We’ll be posting different running workouts, as well as challenges and supporting content throughout each week.

To register, download the Strava App on your phone and create your profile. Then join our club by searching Wel at Humana Run Club in the Explore tab.

To link your Strava account to Go365 (if applicable), open the Go365 App on your phone, select the button in the top left of the home screen, select Account & Settings, select App & Device Connections, select Strava and log in using your account information.

Check out our blog post for our newest updates to Run Club


If you’re finding it tough to come up with a workout at home, check out the Workout of the Day (WOD) we’re posting on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be creating easy to follow workouts that you can take advantage of at home without needing all of the equipment you would find at our facility! Comment on our post each day using the hashtag #livewellathome so we can see how you’re rocking it out!


Check out the EXOS Nutrition blog for fueling tips, recipes and more. No matter your goals, achieving success requires energy, and energy requires fuel (aka food). That’s why finding the right nutrition path can be a game changer.