Don’t fall into a summer slump and miss this chance to experience what it’s like to have a coach-built workout plan, tailored to you and your goals! EXOS’ new website is now LIVE and comes loaded with complimentary services such as livestreaming virtual classes, a DIY weekly plan, our blog full of health and fitness related resources, and best of all – the opportunity to receive a 12 week, coach-built workout plan, tailored to your needs. Virtually meet with a coach to assess your goals and ability, and then receive a complimentary, 12-week workout plan, all provided directly to you via the Bridge app. Take 10 minutes to register via this form, and you’ll be on your way to a personalized fitness experience.


Our teams are delivering your favorite group fitness classes and movement breaks LIVE via ZOOM and Instagram! You can find classes such as Tabata, Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, POUND, etc., that last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. To access our ZOOM classes, members just need refer to our group exercise calendar for the class’ meeting ID, visit ZOOM and click “Join a Meeting,” input the class information, and you’re ready to go! To access classes via Instagram, refer to our Instagram story and highlights (found at the top of your Instagram feed and on the @welathumana Instagram page) for the schedule of classes and what you will need for class that day.


We’ve made some updates to our group fitness experience that we’re excited to share. We’re consolidating our group fitness classes on ZOOM, across all sites, into one easy-to-read calendar to allow you more options, with new classes, that better fit your schedule. Meeting ID’s and one universal password will be provided, on the group fitness calendar, for ease of access to all classes. Also, new virtual classes have been included from the EXOS at Home website, to provide you with fresh options – such as Sport Performance, Mindset Practice and Fun with Kids – that round out our offering. Finally, “performance tracks” have been added to the group fitness calendar to provide you with the correct prescription of various group classes to help you reach your fitness goals!


We have received confirmation from Wellbeats that the period of complimentary usage of their streaming, on-demand group exercise class service will be extended through 6/30.  While we can confirm continuation through June 30th, we will continue to assess with Wellbeats the ongoing support as the landscape of this pandemic evolves. Participation and use of the app is completely optional. You have access to 500-plus videos, personalized recommendations, goal-based challenges, progress tracking and more. Email us at wel@humana.com for your free access code.


Whether you are a beginner runner or a race veteran, all levels are welcome in Run Club. We’re going virtual through the use of the Strava App.  Post your completed runs (use the hashtags #runwell and #livewellathome), track progress and engage in competition with fellow members all through the App. We’ll be posting different running workouts, as well as challenges and supporting content throughout each week.

To register, download the Strava App on your phone and create your profile. Then join our club by searching Wel at Humana Run Club in the Explore tab.

To link your Strava account to Go365 (if applicable), open the Go365 App on your phone, select the button in the top left of the home screen, select Account & Settings, select App & Device Connections, select Strava and log in using your account information.

Check out our blog post for our newest updates to Run Club


If you’re finding it tough to come up with a workout at home, check out the Workout of the Day (WOD) we’re posting on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be creating easy to follow workouts that you can take advantage of at home without needing all of the equipment you would find at our facility! Comment on our post each day using the hashtag #livewellathome so we can see how you’re rocking it out!


We’ll also be posting fitness and wellness tips to our Instagram and Facebook account throughout each week to help you get the most out of your daily routine.  Check out our weekly challenges for an opportunity to thrown down and have a little fitness fun along the way!


Finding it hard to concentrate on eating healthy right now? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  We are excited to announce these virtual opportunities from our Performance Dietitian available to you at this time:

+         Virtual nutrition coaching via WebEx

+         Personalized meal plans

+         Health and nutrition resources shared on the Wel at Humana blog

Email hleger@humana.com for more information or to schedule your virtual nutrition coaching session!