Humana’s values build welcoming communities that acknowledge the individual and offer greater health. Those values are the core of who we are, and the Wel at Humana™ approach to member health.

We pioneer simplicity.

Clear and simple words, actions, and policies form the core of our values. There’s no need to complicate things: our mission is to honor each person’s wellness journey. For us, it’s personal.

We thrive together.

Humans thrive on healthy relationships – ones that build and foster trust. Our transparency is a guarantee that we’re on your side.

We inspire health.

A whole-person strategy toward wellness drives us to help each other achieve more and become our better selves. It is with that intention and focus that we build total wellness.

We cultivate uniqueness.

Our associates are here to support your efforts, and meet you where you are on your wellness journey. Feel free to ask us questions and be yourself.

We rethink routine.

Every question is valid, and every practice within these walls can be challenged. We don’t accept the status quo – we reimagine it in a new and better form.